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The difference between Nordic Book and other online shops

Nordic Book is the first online shop to specialise in Scandinavian literature. Unlike other internet shops, we deal directly with Russian and Scandinavian publishers to bring you a wide range of literature at reasonable prices from what is really a very narrow specialist area.

Even better, we can do individual orders for you - we'll find the book, disc or film you need from anywhere in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark or Iceland.

We also provide you with links to the Scandinavian press, useful Websites, Scandinavian cultural and information centres, language courses and information about new book releases.

Our range

We are proud to offer our readers a wide range of literature on all things Scandinavian: educational, scientific and fiction in Russian and Scandinavian languages.

Here you can find books on history, politics, art, design, linguistics and literature as well as dictionaries, original textbooks, audio books, music and films.

How to find books

    To find books on Nordic Book, you can:
  1. Browse the Catalogue. From the left panel, choose the category you're interested in and follow the links to the subcategory and list of books, music or films. You can sort items by title, author or price.
  2. Search items by author, title or ISBN. Enter keywords or an ISBN into the search field, choose search criteria from the dropdown list and push the "OK" button. You will get a list of items matching your search conditions.

The list contains a short description of the items. If you want to view the full description, click the "More details" link, or click on the item image.

If there are lots of items, there will be a list of page numbers at the top and bottom of the screen that you can use to navigate through the results.

How to place an order

To add an item to the cart, click on the cart icon or the "Add to cart" link beside the description. Once you have added everything you want, go to the "Cart" section.

Here you can change the quantities of items in your cart or remove individual items altogether. To do this, just make the changes you need and click "Update". To place your order, click "Checkout".

If you haven't already registered, you will be forwarded to the registration section. Here you need to provide some information about yourself so that we can contact you. The next time you place an order, all you will have to do is enter your login (email address) and password.

Choose your preferred delivery and payment methods and, if necessary, enter the delivery address. Carefully check that all the information is correct before clicking the "Save order" button. Your order will be given a unique reference number and confirmation of your order will be sent to your email address.

We will contact you by email to confirm that your items are in stock and to arrange delivery. You can track your order in the "Orders" section. You will also receive updates on the progress of your order by email.

Why registration is needed

    Registration allows you to:
  • buy online;
  • submit orders or make individual orders;

Registration requires that you submit some information about yourself so that we can contact you and complete your orders. On successful registration you will receive an email with your login and password (your login is the email address that you use for registration).

If your item is out of stock

If a book, disc or film that you need is currently not in stock, you can still order it online. These items have a "Place order" mark, and won't go into your cart. We will call or write to you as soon as the item is in stock.

Please note that if the total value of your order exceeds 1500 roubles, you will need to pay 50% in advance. Please agree on the method and time for making prepayment with Nordic Book staff.

Individual orders

Do you need a book, audio disc or film that isn't in our catalogue? You can make an individual order for it.

Fill out the individual order form or write to our consultant Elena Dorofeeva (dorofeeva@nordicbook.ru). Give as much information as possible, e.g. author, title, year of publication.

We will contact you to arrange the order. Processing time for individual orders ranges from 3 weeks to 2 months.


For educational literature, we offer a discount from 5 to 10% when you order five or more books of the same title. Discounts for returning customers are also available.


Please address all questions to: dorofeeva@nordicbook.ru.

Welcome to Nordic Book!

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